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We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Resolue and our services.

Yes. We have experienced developers who can help you with your site maintenance. We provide maintenance service for websites, servers, web applications etc.
We can help you with deployment of your application or website to cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, Linode, Digital Ocean and many more.
We have experience in application development platforms like .NET, Electron and WPF
It depends on the complexity of the application. For further details please contact our support team
Of course, We can provide a website in 5-10 days.
Yes we can provide you with a custom CMS that is optimised for your needs and uses the latest frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, Node, Laravel etc.
Yes we have experts to provide marketing support. For more details contact our support team.
Typically a payment gateway integration will be done in 5-10 days. It will depend on the payment gateway, payment methods, etc.
We provide DevOps services like version control, dockerization, pipelines etc. We can set it up in your existing project or provide support to your team
You can get our services by simply sending a message to our support team from the contact page or you can call +91 80862 05979 to get in touch with us.